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When it comes to weight loss, fitness and business, TRIM30 gets RESULTS.

For employers, we offer two options, including an incentive-based program as well as a more basic corporate discount program.


For employees, you can choose TRIM30+, the total weight loss and fitness program that offers unlimited access to online TRAINING and nutritional guidance and support. Or for those looking to increase energy, strength and flexibility, we offer the TRIM30 online or in office training only option.




TRIM30 Plus, our most popular and impactful program, allows you the ability to track participation and results with a consolidated monthly report sent to you automatically by TRIM30. You simply use this report to feed into your larger wellness incentive program or to subsidize TRIM30 memberships.


The power of the TRIM30-Plus Program comes in giving you the ability to offer regular incentives to employees who are actively participating, as well as motivation to those who may need a little extra support. TRIM30-Plus offers complete financial flexibility with minimal risk. No up-front costs or fees apply. Your budget is entirely up to you in regards to internal costs you may incur for incentives or subsidies. 



Employees are free to attend the TRIM30 program of their choice. There are no classes for you to set up or maintain, there's no minimum enrollment to manage, and there's no need to manage and track employee self-reporting. TRIM30 does this all for you. All you need to do is offer the program and provide an incentive to those who are actively participating to maximize your results. The incentive provided is completely up to you. Interested in customizing a program? We can do that too.  Contact our Corporate Wellness Coordinator at


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