TRIM30 Fitness®, helps individuals, communities and organizations achieve their total health objectives and fitness goals by engaging in a complete approach to fitness – both inside and outside of TRIM30’s distinctive, professional, Fitness Center. TRIM30’s Complete Fitness approach enables members to achieve their total health goals by providing the best program, people and place of uncompromising quality and value.  


In contrast to traditional health club and gym offerings, The TRIM30 Program shows you exactly what to do and how to do it while cheering you on the entire time. At TRIM30, there is always a Certified TRIM30 Coach® to help you get a safe and effective workout. You’re never alone. Our helpful and friendly Certified TRIM30 Coach's will demonstrate movements, help you with your form and push you to your personal best.   


The Center enjoys multiple competitive strengths, including:  

  • Comprehensive and convenient programs and services  

  • A value proposition that encourages membership loyalty  

  • A clean, professional and friendly fitness center  

  • A committed and experienced center staff  



Our mission is to provide an  



Friendly and Inviting,    

Functional and Innovative

experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.  



TRIM30 Fitness®, helps Individuals, Communities and Organizations Achieve their Total Health Objectives, Athletic Aspirations, while improving their everyday quality of life.


We do this by providing the:   

Best Place  

Best People and    

Best Program

that change lives positively every day.