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"I have tried everything to jump start some sort of fitness regimen. I sit behind a desk all day, was not sleeping well, gaining weight and my knees where not about to let me do anything. I have had a Gym membership for about 3 years, I have gone but never knew what to do. Dolly brought me here to Trim, after the first day, I was hooked, my new bad habit, except this one is good for me. I try to quit but I can't.

The motivation for me is easy, I feel better than I have in many years. I sleep well, I have reduced my stress level and can see the change in my appearance. When I would go to the gym I never knew where to start or what to do next. Here you and Ron just keep me moving, watching and changing things up just enough to keep me from getting bored.

The competition here is with yourself, and I am very competitive. Each day before I start, I tell myself it's only 30 minutes, how hard can I go for thirty minutes. Can I do a little better then the day before. There are two places in the circuit that I use as a measure. the rowing machine in the middle and the ropes at the end. My goal on the rowing machine is to average over 400 in that minute. When I reach that goal you and Ron, change my routine to make me start all over putting average just out of reach again. My favorite has to be the ropes, it near the end so there is no reason to leave anything left in the tank. The key is rhythm, the first 20 seconds I am setting my pace, getting a perfect rhythm going, the second 20 I start to increase the pace but keeping that rhythm going, the last 20, the last 10 is all out. It feels great when you are all done.

I am near 60 and it is not the new 40 but thankfully, you and Ron got me feeling much younger. I could not have gotten back into shape without TRIM, thank you!"


-Lew A.

“My wife and I joined the TRIM family 2 months ago. We personally have found this gym to be beneficial to our health and fitness life. Our results speak for itself..

At TRIM you get what you put into it like most things in life! You have to want it and own it to meet your goals . With that said, we have seen great results in all areas of stamina, endurance, motivation, agility and much more at TRIM. Anyone who gives it 100  percent and 30 minutes  in and out on a daily basis will see tremendous results over time.

Nick and Ron are always on there "A" game coaching you through your workout and passionate about the way TRIM is operated and managed.  Highly recommend if you are serious about your health and fitness life!”


-Clint and Jalette F. 💪💯

"TRIM has been absolutely amazing!! After going through two back surgeries I was constantly hurting my back when I would go to the gym by myself, but TRIM has been such a blessing to my body! Nick and Ron are both so careful with the exercises they have me do, and I can honestly say I feel amazing again. I am motivated every day to make it to the gym, and I never get bored with my workouts. Thank you TRIM for making workouts fun again!!"

– Meghan N.

"I don't know if I can articulate just how amazing this gym is! I have never worked with trainers that are so fun, so encouraging and so CARING! This gym is all heart ❤️and they are invested and focused on your results! If you are looking to get the body you want or take it to the next level TRIM is the place for you!"

-Danielle B.

“I came to TRIM because of my husband. He started going to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day. He had NEVER done that before. When he told me how great Nick and Ron were and that it was only 30 minutes, I decided to try it out. I had always eaten healthy and been slim, but I was definitely not in shape or as active as I had been years ago. 30 minutes was perfect for me, being a mother of two and working full time.

I was hesitant to work out though, because I had been having a lot of pain in my shoulders, to the point that most days I could not lift them above my head without significant discomfort. Nick and Ron worked with me to modify my workouts and build strength all around, but especially in my shoulders. Today, 8 months later, I am have lost over 15 inches, I am more tone than I have ever been, but more importantly, I have NO MORE pain in my shoulders! I am stronger than ever and I love going to the gym with my husband. Thank you Nick and Ron!”


-Valerie J.

"Amazing place to be at with it's great atmosphere, encouraging environment, and family mentality that facilitates a work out like no other. I couldn't be happier to not only work here but also have the opportunity to better myself everyday in an establishment that genuinely puts you first."

-Dan R.

"By far the best overall health decision I have ever made. A complete, encouraging and educational workout - in and out in 30 min."

– Laura W.

"Since July 16th I have lost over 9.75 inches and feel great. I am really seeing the results and look forward to my workouts for the first time in many, many years. Thank you Nick and Ron!"

- Linda C.

"Down almost 3 sizes in 5 months! U guys rock! I love this place."

– Terri P.

"Awesome gym. My hubby and I signed up today.. Nick is like family You can't go wrong with Trim. Can't wait to see how far we can go."

- Sandy K.

"I love this gym! I leave every time feeling great! The staff is amazing and super motivating.. Always trying to find ways to challenge yourself and give you the best possible workout. Also another great thing is that when you join they do measurements of your body and every month remeasure you that way you can see your progress. This has been very motivating for me.. I ❤️ Trim!!"

– Danielle P.

"I can't believe the difference in the way I feel and the stamina I can maintain in a workout since joining Trim Fitness. Nick, Ron and Barb will guide you through the circuit at your comfort level while encouraging you to reach for more.

Anyone who knows me knows that "gym" is a four-letter word but not anymore.

I go to Trim nearly every day and have started to go 2x when I'm feeling it.

I cannot say enough good about them."

- Dave Z.

"A whole body work out in 30 minutes--great for a busy mom! Best trainers around--they provide a personal touch to the workout--making individualized modifications throughout the circuit to fit your needs. Every time I go in its lots of fun--the clientele are real people who encourage each other through the workout. If you want a supportive environment to obtain a healthy lifestyle this gym is for you!"

– Dana S.

"Love this place!! It's just the type of workout I need, along with the support I need. I would recommend this place to anyone & everyone looking to get fit. I can't stop telling my friends how wonderful this place is, two have already joined, along with my daughter."

- Liseth C.

"I have really enjoyed improving my fitness level with this method. This has helped me with my cardio fitness, flexibility, balance and range of motion. I see improvements in my range of motion I did not think I would see. This has really been a good component of changing to a healthier life style."

– Bradley R.

"Excellent place to work out. Staff is very knowledgeable and motivational. They promote a fun atmosphere that anyone can feel comfortable working out in. Especially for the beginner looking to shed some weight. I look forward to my work outs everyday. Couldn't be happier with my experience so far."

- Tim R.

"I think it is a wonderful friendly place to go to get in shape. Everyone there is so attentive to your needs. One of my favorite places!"

– Chris S.

"Great company with an amazing concept. I highly recommend Trim to anyone looking to get in shape."

- Reno M.

"I was so surprised at how much of a sweat I got out of a 30min workout. This a great concept for all skill levels!"

– Neal C.

"I will keep it simple. I love trim and everyone in there. So happy I found it."

- Syl Via.

"Great leadership, great company, I highly recommend to everyone!"

– Tony A.

"I love TRIM and the devoted team!!! Seven pounds in two weeks, WOW!!!! Never have I ever felt this great!!!!"

- Yuliana S.

"Best work out I've ever had. Nick and Ron are very encouraging and helped me along the entire way!!"

– Jacki C.

"Great company and awesome people."

- Shannon G.

"Was looking for a new place to workout and happened upon TRIM! I love it everyone is so nice! I love that they help me push myself. Ron and Nick are great."

– Stephanie H.

"Trim has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations since joining 7 months ago. What may have started out originally as a vanity project for me has turned into feeling-younger-longer project. Since joining Trim I have literally turned back the clock. I have not felt this good in 20 years. I am amazed In the transformation in my life of an overall better sense of well being. The fitness model that Nick and Ron use produces results for ALL people looking to get in shape for the first time or getting back in shape. While their fitness model may not be patented what they have exclusively at Trim that I I have not seen before is their ability to consistently motivate all who enter. They are involved with everyone of the members and truly have a vested genuine interest in healthy results. Going to Trim 5 days a week has never been a chore. It is the 30 minutes of every day that I am guaranteed to feel better leaving after my workout than I did before came in. Not only do I feel the results I see it in the other members. Many thanks to Nick and Ron. I am glad you guys are there!"

- Chris M.

"TRIM is the absolute best! Nick, Ron and the team are great and the workouts are so quick and efficient!"

- Cassondra I.

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